About INOX Group
The Jain Family trust with business started more than 90 years ago. In the 1920s, Shri Siddhomal Jain established Siddhomal and Sons, a successful paper and newsprint trading business. In the 1960s, his son Devendra Jain, a history honours graduate from Delhi's prestigious St Stephen's College, decided to go beyond the trading business and become an industrialist. He saw great promise in the business of extracting, liquefying and selling gases from natural air as these industrial gases were widely used in steel, manufacturing as well as the healthcare sectors - all of which were flourishing in India at that time.
Group Companies
Amongst India's Largest
Industrial Gas Producer
INOX Air Products is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial gases in India with 36 plants spread throughout the country and has a turnover in excess of $100 Million. INOX Air Products Limited manufactures and supplies industrial gases including Oxygen, Nitrogen, Helium, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, and speciality gas mixtures throughout India.
India's Largest Cryogenic
Engineering Company
INOXCVA is among the largest manufacturers of standard & engineered cryogenic equipment serving leading international gas companies worldwide. Our forte being design, engineering, manufacture, supply & commissioning of turnkey packaged system involving storage, vaporisation and distribution systems for LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2, LN2O, LNG and ETHYLENE service. INOXCVA has its offices & manufacturing plants in USA, India, Brazil and Europe.
India's Largest
Chloromethane Producer
Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited (GFL), a subsidiary of INOX Leasing and Finance Limited, has evolved to being the largest producer of chloromethanes, refrigerants and Polytetrafluoro-ethylene (PTFE) in India. The company is listed on both stock exchanges of India - NSE (GUJFLUORO) and BSE (500173). GFL has been accredited AA (stable) rating for long term credit and A1+ rating for short term credit by CRISIL, India's largest rating agency.
Amongst India's Largest
Cinema Exhibition Company
INOX Leisure Limited (INOX) is India’s premier multiplex chain. INOX pioneered the consolidation phase in the multiplex industry by acquiring Calcutta Cine Pvt. Ltd. (CCPL) in 2007. This was followed by the acquisition of Fame India Ltd. in May 2013 and Satyam Cineplexes Ltd. in August 2014. Serving close to 60 million guests annually, INOX takes pride in opening India’s first Laserplex and signed one of the largest landmark IMAX® Theatre deal in the country.
Amongst India's Largest
Wind Energy Solution Providers
INOX Wind is India’s leading wind energy solutions provider servicing IPPs, Utilities, PSUs, Corporates and Retail Investors. It has three state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh with a cumulative capacity of 1,600 MW. It uses advanced technology to manufacture key components of the Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) ensuring high quality, reliability of performance, and cost competitiveness.
Amongst India's Largest
Wind Farm Operators
INOX Renewables is engaged in the business of wind energy generation. Currently, it owns and operates 259 MWs of operational capacity across Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. It plans to almost treble the installed wind generating capacity to 60 GW in the country by 2022 from the existing 27 GW. With the supportive regulatory environment, INOX Renewables is well poised to grow and maintain its position as one of India’s leading Independent Renewable Energy Power Producers.
INOX Group Financials
(Indian Rupees in Crores)
Particulars 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
Total Revenue 4,871 5,156 5,355 7,297 9,038
EBITDA 1,804 1,481 1,018 1,587 1,974
PAT 1,057 744 326 749 604
Total Fixed Assets 5,789 7,121 7,792 8,210 9,895
Net Worth 4,012 4,897 4,988 6,033 6,333
The joy of giving back is a joy unparalleled
Businesses are not built in a day, nor are they built for a day. A long-term business endures by what it gives - product or service to its customers and return on investment to its shareholders are obvious. But there are other stakeholders which are also impacted by the business, including employees, communities, regulatory bodies, environment etc. When the business gives back to all the stakeholders, it not only survives long-term, but flourishes sustainably.
At INOX, we believe in a future powered by inclusive growth and shared value. So along with increasing the equity, we invest in empowering the community as well as protecting the environment, taking care of the triple bottom lines - social, environmental as well as economic. Based on need analysis, we have identified our focus areas and invest consistently in them.
Focus Areas & Our Investments*
*Cumulative - FY 2014-17 | Rs. in million
Empowering communities
Through focussed initiatives in education, vocational training, agriculture and allied activities, we facilitate in empowering communities. Consistent initiatives are planned in collaboration with various institutions like Bahubali College of Engineering (Karnataka), HelpAge India, ISKCON, Indian Heritage Society, Shuratakevali Education Trust, Ramakrishna Mission, Narain Seva Sansthan, Global Vipassana Foundation, United Way of Baroda and the Baroda Citizens Council etc.
About one-third of our CSR investments is directed towards education and vocational training.
Providing healthcare
We are spreading smiles by providing affordable, quality healthcare to thousands of people across various communities. The Siddhomal Charitable Trust and the Inox Group Charitable Trust, contribute towards healthcare, medical diagnosis, assistance and treatment support to economically backward sections through a dedicated polyclinic and a charitable hospital in Shri Mahavirji, which also houses a maternity home. Our passion to make a difference to the community, inspires our contributions into numerous social infrastructure and welfare programmes.
Healthcare, and social infrastructure & welfare account for more than 60% of our CSR investments.
Protecting nature
At INOX Group, we understand the value of natural resources that mother earth has bequeathed us with. In order to give back more than we take, we continue to optimise our environmental footprint along with rejuvenation of existing resources. Initiatives are undertaken to conserve and manage water, as well as plan several plantation and forestry initiatives to develop and maintain green belts.